Benefits to Having A Smart Garage Door Opener

Benefits to Having A Smart Garage Door Opener

Benefits to Having A Smart Garage Door OpenerInnovations in technology have certainly made a lot of things easier – from industrial processes to even tasks at home. At present, we now see a lot of automation in the household with more and more appliances and facilities being dubbed as “smart”. But if you think a smart home is all about high-end appliances – that is where you are mistaken. Even doors can be made smarter nowadays and, really, what better door than your garage door to start with?

Garage doors have been around for as long as most people have started driving cars, so modifications on the humble manual model are bound to happen. Today, we will talk about smart garage door openers, as well as their benefits.

What is a smart garage door opener?

Basically, a smart garage door opener is a technology which enables the user to monitor, as well as control, your garage door using any Wi-FI-enabled device. Smart garage door openers are hooked to the home internet connection and operates with a password and an encryption.

What are the benefits of a smart garage door opener?

Having a smart garage door opener might sound a little too extra but, really, it is actually quite convenient and has a number of benefits. Its benefits are as follows:

  1. Benefits to Having A Smart Garage Door OpenerIt allows you to control who enters your property from virtually anywhere. Think of all the circumstances you had to let someone in but you were stuck in traffic, did not know someone was arriving, or simply just could not go back to let a household member in after they lost their kiss. Would it not have been nice had there been a way to let them in without you having to rush all the way home? Smart garage door openers address this problem. It does not matter if it is your children or your UPS delivery person –smart garage door openers give you the power to control who enters your property even when you are away. No more awkward apologizing for letting someone wait at the sidewalk for a long period of time and, for a lot of us, no more waiting for a couple more days for package redeliveries.
  2. It provides an added layer of security. When you are in a rush, it is just too easy to forget to close your garage door or, worse, not even remember whether the garage door has been left close or open. Unfortunately, not all of us can ask a family member to check if the garage door open or, better yet, drive right back to check personally. This is where the smart garage door opener comes in. Since you can control the garage door anywhere for as long as you have an internet connection, you can also check from anywhere whether you have accidentally left the garage door open. And not just that! You can also remotely close the garage door. No need to drive back and close it yourself! As a bonus, more advanced versions of smart garage door openers can even alert you if there are suspicious activities pertaining to your garage door.
  3. It is extremely convenient. One of the main reasons people invest in smart garage door openers is the fact that it can drastically make things easier for you. You can set the garage door to open at a specific time such as when you are leaving, have it remained shut off the rest of the days to prevent anyone from entering, and have it turned back on to match the time you arrive at home. This way, you do not waste time in the morning opening the garage door (especially when you are in a hurry) or fumble for buttons and garage door remote controllers in the dead of night when you get back from work.
  4. Benefits to Having A Smart Garage Door OpenerIt is cost-effective and energy-efficient.Traditional garage door openers are always on standby mode, so they continuously use up electricity. If you are away for most of the day or if you do not have multiple people constantly coming and going, this could be very wasteful as the whole system keeps operating even when you need it. This is not the case with smart garage door openers. These smart garage door openers allow you to completely shut off the whole system so that it only uses up energy when you already have to open or close the garage door. Over time, the savings in electricity really rack up. Smart garage door openers thus allow you to maintain a green home and a more environment-friendly lifestyle.
  5. It helps monitor household activity. This is especially handy if you have teenagers at home who already know how to drive who might sneak out one of the vehicles and take it for a test drive. Not only will it protect your property from being taken out without consent, but you also get to protect your children from any untoward accidents. This is also a great way to monitor what time your children leaves and what time they arrive (especially if they have a curfew) since the smart garage door opener will alert you when there is any activity regarding the garage doors, as well as provide a record of when the garage door has been opened or closed. You can even set up your garage door opener to indicate which particular remote was used to open or close the garage door, so you know who is leaving or arriving and at what times.

Having a garage door opener comes with even more benefits and it vary on a case to case basis, but these are some of the most common benefits. The sheer convenience of owning one is in itself a good reason to invest in a smart garage door opener and I hope this article has motivated you to invest in one. Trust me, a smart garage door opener might just be what you need to make your mornings, and your household in general, a little easier to maintain.