Black & Decker ASI500 High-Performance Cordless Inflator Review

Black & Decker ASI500 High-Performance Cordless InflatorThank you to its full range of innovative peculiarities. The best High-Performance Cordless Inflator in the market today is the Black & Decker ASI500 High-Performance Cordless Inflator. This particular cordless inflator makes it easy and possible for you to obtain the air pressure you require, whether you are on the road or at home. It combines the freedom of cordless power and the versatility of 2 pressure settings to deflate or inflate a variety of items, which including rafts, sports balls, air mattresses, truck tires, car tires, and bike tires just to mention a few.

The inflator has a digital gauge that is used to measure an objects pressure. The Cordless Inflator has an ability to inflate everything. Therefore, it is the most versatile inflator in the market. A digital pre-set pressure gauge with an auto shut off feature and backlighting allows one to get within + or – 1 PSI of the required inflation pressure to avoid over and under inflation or a blowout. ASI500 also features a quick connect hose and on-board accessory storage so that you can easily keep track of all of your cords needles and tubes.

Most important, though, is the convenience it provides. Once it is fully charged, the ASI500 becomes entirely cordless and can even be taken virtually tanywhere. ASI500 can charge from the DC accessory outlet of your vehicle.

Works Anywhere and Under Pressure

The Black & Decker is an air station, which offers incredible convenience. With the help of cordless power, this inflator provides you with the versatility required where and when you need it, whether you are on the road or at home. You can operate the ASI500 inflator from the 12 volts DC power outlet of your vehicle, or its internal 12 volts battery for cordless convenience can power it. Make sure you charge the inflator from 120 volts AC outlet for about 4 to 5 hours to be fully charged.

Two pressure settings for Any Job

Featuring two inflation configurations, the ASI500 cordless air compressor can handle almost anything but you can of course look for other options. The low-pressure settings are perfect for mattresses or rafts while the high-pressure settings are ideal for car and bicycle tires. For a fact, when set on the high-pressure setting, it can inflate a completely flat full-sized tire on a single charge.

Built-In GaugeBlack & Decker ASI500 High-Performance Cordless Inflator with Auto Shut-Off for Accuracy

To ensure optimum accuracy, the auto shut-off characteristic allows you to get within + or – 1 PSI of the pressure you require. However, to avoid over and under inflation or blowouts, configure the desired PSI on the digital gauge and inflate. The air station will shut off at the preset PSI. You can also periodically check your item’s pressure via the gauge, which is backlit for easy reading.

Easy to store and transport

With a small profile and weighing just about 5.2 pounds thus transportable and very easy to store. For additional convenience, the air station features a quick-connect hose and on-board accessory storage that helps you keep track of the included cords, needles, and tubes.

What to find In the Box?

1. The ASI500 Cordless Inflator
2. Three accessories
3. Air pump hose
4. Inflator hose
5. A charger.


1. Vacuum suction
2. Ultimate convenience, select battery power. Alternatively, you can use your vehicle’s 12 Volts power outlet
3. High pressure for bike and car tires
4. Long lasting cordless power that gives you the versatility to use the inflator when and where you require it
5. Low pressure or high volume for air rafts and mattresses
6. Quickly check tire pressure with digital gauge


1. 12 Volts High-Performance Cordless Inflator
2. Inflates sports equipment and vehicle tires
3. Inflates air rafts, mattresses, inflatable pool toys, and other household inflation needs