How a Bluetooth Shower Head Has Changed the Experience?

How a Bluetooth Shower Head Has Changed the ExperienceDo you have the best shower system at home? There are many different shower systems available if you are looking for one for your home. Are you wondering if there is a way to make shower time exciting? Well, the Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head Technology is changing the way we take showers. The excitement and convenience of the double shower head have been overtaken. The Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head Technology makes even the rainfall shower seem less enticing. This article takes a look at the benefits you are missing out by not having this new shower-head technology (avail the latest technology on

It changes the way you listen to music in the shower

The days you had to play loud music so that you can enjoy it while showering is long gone. The same applies to the urge to take the mp3 player or iPod with you into the bathroom. Simply stream your music to the speaker integrated into the shower head, and you will be good to go. It plays in a crystal clear sound that takes your showering experience to a new level.

You don’t need to carry your phone into the bathroom

We all have had that moment when there is an incoming phone call, and we have to dry our hands to answer the phone. That is if you came with it into the bathroom. That hassle is now long gone. Simply answer all your calls through this Bluetooth shower head technology without taking a step from the bathroom.

No risk of damaging your phone with moisture

Anytime we take our phones to the bathroom, we are always conscience of the fact that we are exposing them to moisture. This will no longer be an issue. The Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head Technology connects wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled devices. From now on, you can safely enjoy your music in the washroom.

It’s convenient to use

How a Bluetooth Shower Head Has Changed the ExperienceYou can’t put a price on convenience. This Bluetooth shower head enables you to listen to music without disturbing others at home. It would be selfish to wake up everybody early in the morning because you have to take a shower while enjoying your music. With this device, you enjoy your music without ruining the peace others are enjoying in their sleep.

It brings your music closer

There is always that moment when our playlist is playing our best song. All one can think of is getting closer to the speaker and not miss a single note. When listening to music from your home theater, this is not possible if you are in the bathroom. You just have to wait till you come out. This stops the moment you buy this shower head, simply enjoy all your music as the tunes rain down you as you shower.

The Bluetooth speaker is portable

The speaker is not permanently attached to the shower head. This gives you the freedom to take it with you if you. This is bound to happen because of its superb quality. It plays the low and mid tones so well for its size, that it is actually hard not to notice it. It’s also rechargeable by USB and stores enough charge to play for up to 7 hours continuously!

Easily multitask

Having a good time in the shower is not easy if you have to stop showering to answer phone calls, or listen closely to the tunes playing softly from the phone’s small speakers. The Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head Technology brings enables you to listen to music, answer phone calls, and take a shower.

Extend the party into the shower

If the favorite songs are playing don’t worry. If you have to sneak out of the party to freshen up, don’t worry. The Bluetooth Speaker Shower Head Technology will bring the party right into the bathroom for you!

Bring this awesome piece of technology into your bathroom and to enjoy these awesome benefits.