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The Objective of CASCOM

The main objective of the project (CASCOM) is to implement, validate, and trial value-added supportive infrastructure for business application services for mobile workers and users across mobile and fixed networks. The driving vision of CASCOM is that ubiquitous business application services are flexibly co-ordinated and pervasively provided to the mobile worker/user by intelligent agents in dynamically changing contexts of open, large-scale, and pervasive environments. One step toward the realization of this vision is the development of an intelligent agent-based peer-to-peer (IP2P) environment. IP2P environments are extensions to conventional P2P architectures with components for mobile and ad hoc computing, wireless communications, and a broad range of pervasive devices. Basic IP2P facilities come as web services, while their reliable, task-oriented, resource-bounded, and adaptive coordination-on-the-fly characteristics call for agent-based software technology. A major challenge in IP2P environments is to guarantee a secure spread of (personal) service requests across multiple transmission infrastructures and ensure the trustworthiness of services that may involve a broad variety of providers.

In CASCOM, we will carry out highly innovative research aimed at providing a coherent framework for agent-based data and service co-ordination in open IP2P environments. For this purpose, we integrate and extend existing technologies in areas such as agent-based mobile computing, service co-ordination (description, discovery, composition), and P2P computing in nomadic environments. A generic, open IP2P service environment with its agents and co-ordination mechanisms will be prototypically implemented and deployed in CASCOM mostly as open-source software. That enables instant take-up and use within European and world community.

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