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Potential Impact PDF Print E-mail

Since the CASCOM project will start from the state of the art, new concepts and technological results will be derived that will have an impact on

  • services offered across integrated wireless/fixed environments,
  • declarative approaches to service descriptions,
  • context‑dependent service discovery,
  • adaptive planning techniques for dynamic, context‑dependent service composition,
  • agent-based service co-ordination in IP2P environments, and
  • services over the Internet.

The innovative project technology can be used in a variety of domains besides the healthcare application domain, including

  • Personal assistance. For instance, someone enters a mall having access to context dependent information of the stores and goods available, prices, discounts, special opportunities.
  • Virtual enterprise. Workers distributed in different places and traveling having access to information of the enterprise.
  • Entertainment (distributed games and other interactive settings) in which, the participants may use mobile equipment while traveling.

Results obtained in CASCOM will benefit several players in the future Internet:

  • Operators. Typical network operator nowadays provides several kinds of networksóboth wireless and wireline networksóincluding Wireless Wide Area Networks (e.g., GSM, GPRS, and UMTS), Wireless Local Area Networks (e.g., IEEE802.11b/g), and fixed line networks (e.g., LAN and ADSL). The CASCOM architecture will bring a solid basis for developing applications/services for such environments providing operator customers seamless service experience regardless of network connection type. Therefore, the CASCOM approach will provide a clear advantage for operators who will adopt the CASCOM technology.

  • Service Providers. Service providers will have opportunity to either adapt their services using the CASCOM approach or provide new services based on CASCOM. Both of these options will most likely create new businesses.

  • Academia. Academic partners of the consortium will benefit from CASCOM to improve their research profiles. The work will stipulate dissemination of knowledge to undergraduate and PhD students. This will generate skilled engineers/researchers, who are therefore prepared to start their career in the future Internet sector.

  • End-users. End-users will mainly benefit from the CASCOM architecture via seamless service experience that the architecture will provide. Users are not tied to any location or terminal device, but can use applications/services "seamlessly" from everywhere and at any time using any device.
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