4 Facts Why Cordless Household Equipment Is The Way To Go

4 Facts Why Cordless Household Equipment Is The Way To GoOver the last few decades, the number of cordless household equipment has increased quite significantly. This is because they are associated with many advantages as compared to corded equipment. They can be used in a number of applications as well as situations. The following are 4 Reasons Why Cordless Household Equipment is the Way to go:

– Convenience

Using cordless household equipment is a lot more convenient than using corded equipment. It is easy to carry around a cordless piece of equipment with you wherever you need to use it. You are not dependent on the availability of power from a standard electrical outlet for you to carry out various tasks around your home. In addition, corded equipment can only be used in buildings and homes where they can be connected to a power source, and within certain distance from an electrical outlet. You only need to ensure the battery is regularly charged to its full capacity. You can also use the cordless equipment outside if you need to.

– Flexibility for unique situations

Because a cordless piece of equipment is not connected to a specific electrical outlet, it can be used in a number of different situations and positions. For instance, if you are using a cordless screw driver, you can actually lie on your back inside or underneath a shed, a piece of furniture, or cabinet that you could be assembling. You can also place your arm at an awkward angle in order to achieve the right position to insert the screw. With corded household equipment, such maneuvers would be difficult or even impossible to achieve. In contrast, cordless equipment can be used in many different applications that require a lot require flexibility.

– Safety for users and other people

4 Facts Why Cordless Household Equipment Is The Way To GoMost jobs and home projects involving power equipment require a lot of care in order to reduce the risk of injury. Safety is always a key concern for users of household power equipment. Corded equipment can expose the users to danger in some situations. For instance, the cord can become tangled in materials or the inside of the equipment itself and cause it to topple onto the user or another person. In addition, cords can also pose danger to other workers or inhabitants of the home who may be working close to the area where the equipment is being used. If they fail to notice the cord, there is a likelihood of tripping and getting injured. Cordless household equipment completely eliminates these risks. They are safe and compact pieces of equipment that help you perform your tasks effectively with minimum risk.

– Compactness for Easy Transport Pieces

Compactness for Easy Transport Pieces of cordless household equipment are usually bulkier than corded equipment in most cases. This is because of the battery that is housed inside them. On the other hand, they are easier to transport because they do not require a power cables in order for them to operate. In contrast, pieces of corded household equipment are not easy to transport from one location to another. If you need to use the equipment in another location, you will have to take with you the power cable, which can be a little cumbersome. In addition, you will have to ensure that the power cable is not damaged as you take the equipment with you to a different location.

These are some of the advantages of having cordless household equipment all the time. They are much more convenient and safe to use than corded equipment.

5 New Wireless Products In 2016

These days, everyone is constantly on the go, and always multitasking. First there was wireless Internet, then wireless connectivity between devices. Bluetooth speeds became better and better, and wireless filesharing methods became must haves features for any and all devices entering today’s market. So what’s next? Here’s a brief rundown of some of the noteable wireless gadgets recognized during the CES 2016 Innovation Awards, and you can expect many more to make their grand debut in 2016’s wireless device market.

1. Lily

lily cameraTravel and action photos and videos are all the rage these days. Everyone either has a GoPro, a drone, or both. This award-winning device boasts being both. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. You just have to have faith, throw it in the air, and it will automatically start recording a video. Unlike other drones, Lily doesn’t need you to control it. You simply have to choose from a range of settings and your Lily will know exactly what to do while you focus on your own activities. It can give your GoPro a run for its money too, as it features 1080 P HD video at 60 frames per second and can capture 12 megapixel pictures. It’s also waterproof and travel sized. It’s currently on preorder and the first batch will start shipping out in February 2016.

2. Diet Sensor by AirSpek

Diet Sensor by AirSpek logoThis is the first instant nutrition coach with sensors. While you’ve probably been doing well logging in your meals through an app, we all know this is way too much work. The developers at AirSpek have developed a gadget to app system that will only require you to make a fraction of the clicks you would normally need to make to log food. Using spectrometry, the bundled device can identify the chemical makeup of your food, all the while taking into account the specific cooking method used, and any additive ingredients. This is especially useful when you’re scanning a home-cooked meal and no nutritional label is available. You will also gain access to a wide food database, diet coaching, and an overview of the other aspects of your nutrition.

3. Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhone

Valet Charge Dock for Apple Watch + iPhoneBelkin managed to take home the Innovation of the Year award thanks to this all-in-one charging dock for the iPhone and Apple Watch user, which is the first of its kind. The dock uses the same wireless magnetic technology as your Apple watch charger, but this time you only need one cable to charge both devices because the dock features an adjustable lightning connector that can fit most cases. It looks very sleek and displays your gadgets beautifully.


4. Pro Trailer Backup Assist for 2016 Ford F-150

Pro Trailer Backup Assist for 2016 Ford F-150If you’re one of the few people who actually sport a Ford F-150 for the purpose of hauling your trailer or boat, and you’re also contemplating on buying the 2016 release, you’ll be pleased to know that America’s truck leader, Ford, is making it super easy for even the most inexperienced driver to back up and park. This backup assist from Ford features a Segment-first technology, which allows customers to steer a trailer by turning a knob left or right. The truck will also automatically control the steering and limits its vehicle speed.

5. Somabar

SomabarSay hello to your personal bartender, which has been featured on notable shows such as CNBC, Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube, and The Today Show. This appliance can sit perfectly in your home kitchen and integrates perfectly with an app. Through the app you can fully customize your cocktail, and even infuse bitters. It comes with six fully refillable Soma Pods for your liquor or mixer of choice, and the system automatically washes its nozzle with water to ensure the purity of every cocktail. The app also comes with standard cocktail recipes, and you can even choose whether you want it light or strong.

The Best Wireless Trail Cameras

One of the newest developments in the world of cameras is the use of cellular and wireless technology. The game camera comes with a SIM card or an in-built transmitter from a cellular device which makes it possible to send the images captured to your cell phone, email or any other storage device.

The Top 5 Game Cameras

– Covert Special Operations (Ops) Code Black

Covert Special Operations (Ops) Code BlackThis camera falls among the top rated and the most innovative trail cameras that have cellular technology. It operates on GSM with the key providers in the United States being T-Mobile and T &T. It is extremely fast in that within 60 seconds after an object has been detected on the camera you’ll receive the images on your phone or email.

It also provides high quality pictures and offers a massive 90 feet detection area, and with a broader detection zone than the lens field of view. This allows the camera to instantly take a snap of an object while it’s still walking in the field of view.

Though we still feel the1.2 trigger speed needs some improvement. When it is not on the cell mode, the camera will take 6 seconds to recover as opposed to the 60 seconds it takes while on cell mode.

Pictures taken both during the day and night are equally good. The daytime photos have clarity and great colour. During the night, pictures taken are captured using 60 invisible flash LEDs. The images captured are still bright and clear even when captured in total darkness.

– Spy point Tiny WBF Game Camera

Spy point Tiny WBF Game Camera 1This is a camera that consists of 8 megapixels and 38 invisible black LEDs that can take HD photos, record HD videos and send those photos and videos to black box for later use. The price for setting up and maintaining is affordable for both mid-level and advanced users.

Worth mentioning is the 2.4 inch viewing camera screen that is vibrant, crisp and appropriately sized to check all media. Because of its size the camera does an outstanding job for home security and outdoor sporting when placed correctly.

– LTL Acorn 12M Wireless MM No-Glow Trail Camera, Camouflage

Spy point Tiny WBF Game Camera 1This type of camera has 12 megapixels and is meant for mid-level to advanced users because the setup is quite in-depth and doesn’t provide documentation. It also features a SIM card slot. This makes it possible for users to get their photos emailed or texted to their own accounts so they can share them with their friends and family across several devices.

Also featured is a no glow flash which works well, as well as pictures and videos which can be taken concurrently per trigger event of 30 feet at max. It has a trigger time of 0.8 seconds, and using the adaptation on the 21/4 LCD screen users are allowed to set time lapse configurations and load videos and images into SD cards. Speaking of which, the camera supports up to 32GB of SD card memory. The shot configurations can be 5 to 12 MP with variable size for every photo and videos so they can fit into the phone memory.

– Boly Guard/Scout Guard-SG 550M

Boly Guard Scout Guard-SG 550M 1It comes with a high resolution, audio recording, and an ultra-long range. The camera works with both AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards. It can as well send the images captured to your mobile phone or email using MMS and GPRS transmission. The infrared illumination and detection ranges up to 60 feet and still function under very low temperatures.

It has clear pictures and with perfect colour. It is comes with a 15 inch colour display that allows viewing of the captured images on the device. And the video recording is designed with added sound recording.

Bottom Line

In conclusion the game cameras are a great option if you wish to advance your surveillance and put an eye on every corner of your property.